LED Wand mieten für Allplan, Trapezförmig verblendet


Client/Builder: Agentur Bauwerk
Concept/Photos: CMF
LED Systems · Trade-Fairs

The author of the CAD / BMI software of the same name, ALLPLAN presented a straightforward and clean design on its BAU stand. We delivered the technological translation while the construction of the building was carried out by Agentur Bauwerk.

Beside the centerpiece – two trapezoidal, 4.0m x 2.5m measuring LED constructions from high-resolution LED, we were additionally engaged for some gadgets:

  • VR system, Oculus Rift, incl. feed
  • 3x 17 “TFT multi-touch units
  • 4x 21 “TFT multi-touch units

The entire media and lighting technology came from our company.

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