"Synästhetischer Raumkörper", LED-Kubus

Synästhetischer Raumkörper

Artist: Birgit Jensen LED-Systems · Fixed Installations
Images: Jensen/Boden
The request of the Düsseldorf artist Birgit Jensen was a literally colorful diversity of our core business. According to her concept we realised, in collaboration with Alfred Palmer and the company Schemitzek & Herrig GmbH, a rhythmically controlled LED cube for a multimedia sculpture: We were responsible for programming and installation of media technology systems – and are proud to have provided a great deal in this poetic sculpture.

Within the scope of an extension Birgit Jensen designed the sculpture “Synästhetischer Raumkörper” for the Fraunhofer-Institut für Sichere Informationstechnologie SIT.

The artwork brings up the complexity arising when different systems are coupled together. Thus, it refers to the research at the Fraunhofer Institut für Sichere Informationstechnologie SIT. The light-choreography based on a specially composed piece of music for the lightbox. The notes of the score were translated into colour values whereas the tone-colour assignments of the composer Scriabin served as inspiration. Scriabin was synesthete and saw colours inwardly when he heard sounds or played on the piano. The rhythm and musical order, which are based on the score were transferred to the coloured spaces so that one suspects that a piece of music is based on that (translated from Birgitjensen.de).

The cube which is rhythmically illuminated by means of LED follows different principles of design: Joseph von Fraunhofer’s division of spectrum colours, the principle of synesthesia using the example of Scriabin’s tone-colour assignment as well as the piano composition by Wilhelm Geveler.
The song was translated into colour and light. The music itself is not audible.
The luminous cube is located in the southern courtyard of the extension and appears – depending on time of day and lighting conditions – always differently.

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