Fujitsu Forum

Customer, brand and tennagels Medientechnik have simply found each other — our longtime partner Walbert-Schmitz has proven more than once our material and our technical experience.

We’re proud to be the constant LED- and technology partner since 2011.

For the Fujitsu Forum in Munich, we built an 8 x 5 m measuring curveLED® P3.91 system.

Since it was not possible to install the suspended constructions, a truss solution provided the necessary support.

Static proper ballasting of the system was necessary and was also implemented by us.

During the period, we managed technology and watchout.





The Aachen booth construction enterprise Walbert-Schmitz developed the concept for the Fujitsu IT forum. In the context of the concept draft with the customer and the Lead agency of Fujitsu, Red in Munich, the content steles were developed. For the transport of the Keyvisuals of the primary “Reshaping ICT” topic the new tennagels media technology product curveLED ® P391 Indoor Black with a pixel pitch of 3.91 mm was used for this to the first time. The 6 steles with the LED product P391 were standing with black piano varnish in the foyer of the congress center.

A visible LED area of 1.5 m of breadth and 4.5 m of height (384×1152 pixel) arose. The transmission of the contents was carried out by a watchout system and cordless synchronization of the control signal by 5 Ghz network. tennagels engaged a static calculation of the special components since the height of the respective stele amounted to approx. 5 m.




In 2011 & 2012 nearly similar solutions were provided.

The concept of the Aachen booth construction enterprise provided a networked, dynamic line system which symbolized the cloud topic. “This symbolism could only be created by means of an agile medium from the media technical point of view”, asserted Stefan Bültmann of Walbert-Schmitz. We therefore set up a curveLED® P40 screen curtain in a two-dimensional, organic format of 66 m of breadth and of 4.48 m of height on average.

On the integral Full HD on-projection of 5.7 m of breadth and 3.2 m of height the contents of the “Reshaping IT” campaign was represented brilliantly then.




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