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Client: Magic Holo
Endcustomer: Daimler AG
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Arena2036 – tennagels media technology is one step ahead of the future

In a mysterious holography of the cooperation partners tennagels Medientechnik and MAGIC HOLO, Daimler presented the production of the future on the world’s largest and leading research campus “ARENA2036”.

During the event “überMORGEN” 800 high-ranking guests from science, economy and politics at the University of Stuttgart were one step ahead of the future. The focus was on an unprecedented hologram that presented a view of the production of the future as a high-end visualization on more than 40 m² holographic surface and more than 60 m² stage area.

The unique holographic stage show was staged spectacularly, excitingly and fascinatingly on a width of 10 m and 4 m height. This visionary presentation stunned all invited guests with insights into complex processes and innovative technologies.

With the production of the future, Daimler AG is taking completely new paths and was able to impressively emphasize them with the incomparable stage hologram.

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Video by Magic Holo

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