PMT St. Petersburg

Brand: PMT LLC Moskau / Sberbank Kinetic Systems · LED-Systems · Trade-Fairs
On the occasion of this year’s economy forum in St. Petersburg P-M-T LLC Moscow counts on tennagels Medientechnik with reagard to the realisaion of the Sberbank appearance

The generally speaking very open and clear arranged appearance, realised by P-M-T LLC and tennagels Medientechnik leaves much room for the kinectics system which that way develops it’s whole energy. Two rotable and movable LC monitors which move horizontally and with frame synchronous adaption of video contents and movement data over a distance of up to 4 m fill the visitors with enthusiasm.

A high resolution LED wall does not only serve as a background: Both systems play the content hand in hand and let the appearance merge into a complete unity.

 Besides installation, programmation and installation of the kinetics system on the spot tennagels supplied also a support during the content and production process as well as support during the complete economy forum.

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