LED Hohlkehle für SCHÜTZ auf der Interpack 2017


Client: SCHÜTZ
Film-/Media production: Nico Neuse
LED Systems · Trade fairs · Kinetic Systems

We have a long-standing partnership with the traditional company SCHÜTZ.
The global player for packaging systems (IBCs and barrels) presented both new developments, the existing range of products and future-oriented business models at the Interpack trade fair.

Tennagels as a direct partner implemented the demands on quality and innovation into technological components.

SCHÜTZ also presented themselves at the Interpack in 2017 with a large technological contingent. We equipped both the main booth and the side booth with a holistic 360 ° media concept.

LED concept with wall and hollow chamfer,
stage floor, support and wall lining

The heart of the booth was the 7x5m curveLED® P3.91 LED wall with a seamless transition into a concave moulding made of a robust LED floor P8.33. The depth of the LED stage floor was 5.5 m. To the front, the LED complex was completed with a flush front chamfer.

The two support linings and the pedestal of curveLED® P3.91 rounded off the optical LED concept.

In the evening the booth became a party location by the MediaWallFloor installation with LED stage for the band and the dancing guests. Different content could be used for the various booth situations. We took care that all systems were synchronized and ran synchronously. Including the chandelier (in the form of a double layer cake or cigar) with colour changer.

Transparent OLED displays

A total of 10 OLED steles were distributed across the booth – each in pairs, they informed visitors about the respective products on the basis of explainer videos and exponent explanations.

TouchTable & Software

On the front of the booth, SCHÜTZ set up a 4K TouchTable, through which the sales staff could obtain media support during the consultations. For this purpose, tennagels developed the software based on the customer’s sales workflows. We also provided seamless integration with the rest of the booth.

The fact that we have also implemented rig with booth, lounge and accent lighting, the supersonic sounding of the band and various other technology for the customer is almost slipping into the background.


LED Hohlkehle für SCHÜTZ auf der Interpack 2017
LED Hohlkehle für SCHÜTZ auf der Interpack 2017
Rahmenlose transparente OLED Screen Stele für SCHÜTZ auf der Interpack 2017

For the packing expert Schütz we made us of an impressive arcade construction with integrated kinetic: six high-resolution, 1,0 x 2,5m steles took hold of repective LED surfaces of the type curveLED® P3.91.

The power supply of all components went by an E-rail-system. The synchronization and movement of the steles was carried out by means of a kinetics system.

Another 30 square metres of LED area and altogether eight Full-HD displays with individually fabricated cover frame and Ambilight-Effect were integrated into the booth of Schütz.

Besides the planning and the installation of the Riggings tennagels also developed the complete lights and sound concept of the almost 500 sqm big, two-storeyed booth as well as the exhibits.


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