The 20th EuroShop in Düsseldorf was once again an international hotspot among the world’s leading retail industrie trade fairs. As in all previous years, we were present in 2020 as well. This time in the very best of company to present INNOVATIONSHUB as a powerful network alliance together with our partners LAVAlabs and Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences.

The joint appearance became an innovation platform as well as a lecture forum. It focused on the theme of “Human Retail”, whose future will be found in interactive worlds of experience and gamification at the point of sale.

INNOVATIONSHUB brings retailtainment alive

In Düsseldorf, the world’s leading retail trade fair “EuroShop” came to a successful end on
20 February 2020.

The competence network, tennagels Medientechnik, LAVAlabs Moving Images and Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences presented the INNOVATIONSHUB for digital media solutions in an exclusive area in Hall 4, which was one of the “specials” of the trade fair.
tennagels introduced the latest trend in accent lighting as the ‘highlight’ of the 90m2 stand. Floating as a digital cloud above the exhibits, a 288m long LED tube was in colour context with an OLED stele and the LED floor below. A TouchTable became a ‘drag-and-drop playing field’, offering insights into tailor-made special solutions for ultra-modern LED installations. Graffiti sprayers experienced magical moments at the Integrated Media Wall with its interactive concrete structure, while a Kinect Screen surprised fair visitors with their own silhouettes.

Human Retail – Technology made tangible

Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences provided a multi-sensory overall experience with ICAROS, a sports equipment with the latest VR technology. The futuristic simulator enabled courageous visitors to fly over a virtual island , while wind fans and scents activated all the senses. The users could dive down with a glance through a “submarine periscope”. Here, VR glasses enabled the discovery of the underwater world at various depths.
Using the example of the historical project “WDR App 1933-1945”, LAVAlabs Moving Images presented possibilities of digital infotainment. Augmented Reality technology sent interested visitors on a journey through time, and, as a connection between the real environment and virtual images, created completely new communication spaces.
The INNOVATIONSHUB proved this at the 20th EuroShop: Human retail can only be realized in the future through interactive worlds of experience and gamification at the Point of Sale.


Video: LAVAlabs

tennagels develops seamless integration of content into architecture

With approx. 113,000 visitors, EuroShop is the global hotspot for shop and POS design, technology, shopfitting and everything related to retail complex.

As was the case at the ISE in Amsterdam, our overarching theme was the seamless integration of content into an architectural structure.
Our Solution Integrated Media combines architecture with content – creating endless applications for POS / POI and live communication.

We have shown on different surface sizes which specific spatial effects can be achieved – also thanks to variable material and treatment: how, for example, several small modules can be combined visually into a “big whole”, or how the corner column becomes a fully video-capable media carrier.
Media mixes with architecture as it shines through the components. When turned off or at inactive parts in content the texture of the surface shows a seamless transition.

We realized the concrete surfaces with a special luminous LED-system – in the corner of the fireplace under a white surface we installed the new P4.81 White-Face.

Each wall becomes a media carrier – without projection or shadow throw.

The rear area of the stand was laterally delimited by a smaller surface of the transparent curveLED® P15.6, providing space for replacement.

  • Unsichtbarer LED Screen auf der Euroshop
  • Euroshop 2017, Mall – transparent LED curtain


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