Invisible, integrated LED screens

Integrated Media combines image, media and architecture. Walls now become your screen: Video content, Motion-Graphics, Interactive Applications and anything else, can be displayed “in” a concrete surface.


Unsichtbarer LED Screen auf der Euroshop

tennagels Euroshop Booth 2017, Exhibitor Award Nominee

Media and Architecture combined

With our solution, we take a big step in making screens invisible – and directly integrate them into architecture. You only see, what is relevant: your content – all without projection-mapping, and completely interactive (Touch/Drag/Track, etc) if needed.

Permanent Installation & Modular Rental-System

Integrated Media is your choice, whenever you need to hide your screen or LED wall. At the POS/POI, at Foyers or as guidance systems, a permanent installation is the perfect tool. For live-communication, trade fairs and events, we offer a modular and easy to configure rental system.

Modulares LED System hinter Beton

Best Practices for invisible LED screens


With POS/POI in mind, we designed an innovative tool to directly integrate product-information, motion-graphics and advertising reels into your architecture.


In public spaces (airports, stations, commuting) but also corporate architecture you’re able to realize interactive guidance systems and information hotspots. Especially in situations where a classic LED-screen or Digital Signage would distract your original design, Integrated Media opens powerful use-cases. Content that changes quickly (menus or timetables, e.g.) can be altered with ease.



Interactive and innovative stunts, like our Light Graffiti, create a real touchpoint between user and brand. With real spraycans and paint rollers you create artworks alone or as a group-experience!

The results are perfect social media content and create immediate Wows!: Show your skills, Brother!

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