LED ceiling with B1-Certificate

curveLED® P40.0 ceiling B1

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In close coordination and supported by fire protection experts from Messe Köln, we have developed an LED ceiling with B1 certificate * especially for overhead applications. * B1 flame retardant, non-burning, non-dripping

LED ceiling and 360° content

With the new P40.0 ceiling B1, we open the ceiling as a design playing field at trade fairs, airports and public spaces. Wherever fire protection is a decisive criterion for design and aesthetics, installations are now made possible and the stand layout is extended around the ceiling.

Thanks to pixel-by.pixel adaptation and shaping from the first pixel point, designers and architects are paved the way, as routers and components can be placed up to 2m away from the ceiling mold, and thus hidden. As a flyweight with 105g / stick, the P40.0 ceiling B1 presents the statics for a LED ceiling no problems.

The deformability as well as the pixel-accurate separation of the classic P40.0 are retained –
The two systems complement each other seamlessly in handling. Transparency up to 80% is no problem!
SevenOne Media, dmexco

Thanks to our new material, which is listened to on the, admittedly little poetic, name P40.0 ceiling B1, it was possible to plan an over 2 axis curved LED ceiling. Both horizontally and vertically, the image area swung over the heads of the visitors. Two circles were ejected in the center in order to give the booth the necessary opening. The entire material is B1 certified and thus can be used as a blanket in the public space (such as airports, railway stations, etc.) or at trade fairs or museums.