Future-proof DooH - with the Natural Vertical Urban Screen from tennagels

It is also possible to stage the plants in color. The color scheme can be matched to the content, increasing the attractiveness of the advertising space. For example, with magenta content on the screen, the entire greenery could light up in magenta.

Green facades has well-known benefits, promoting biodiversity, regulating the ambient temperature, reducing CO2 and upgrading the appearance of urban spaces.

The combination of the above-mentioned details on the Natural Vertical Urban Screen may simplify the approval process for these installations.

Natural Vertical Urban Screen

Large LED screens are the advertising medium of the future. Thanks to their size and often special formats, they reach a broad target group in public spaces and offer advertisers a creative playing field – for example by displaying content with the so-called “naked eye 3D effect”.

However, large LED screens also have disadvantages. High energy consumption, light emissions and negative impact on the architectural environment. The Natural Vertical Urban Screen from tennagels builds on precisely these disadvantages.

The LED rods can also be fitted with additional LEDs to the rear, which shine onto the greenery. When switched on, these LEDs increase the transparency and visibility of the greenery and promote plant growth – which can be particularly interesting in the darker seasons.

Sales Director Tim Witte and Thomas Tennagels at Architect@work in Düsseldorf