Factory and
assembly planning

Our interdisciplinary expertise combines technical brilliance with creative ambition - for media technology systems that inspire and work.

From vision to reality: customised media technology solutions with creative engineering

Basic guide for successful media technology projects

Early concept development and requirements analysis

Our collaboration with customers begins as early as the concept and requirements development phase for media technology systems, which serves as a decisive step towards successful factory and assembly planning. We attach great importance not only to taking the relevant standards and technical aspects into account, but also to not losing sight of the design aspect.

Team of experts merges technological understanding with creative design

Multidisciplinary creativity and innovative media technology

Our multidisciplinary creative team, consisting of creative minds with different backgrounds and expertise, is known for innovative approaches and pioneering ideas in the field of media technology. This diverse group of experts brings not only a deep understanding of technology, but also a passion for creative design and user-centred solutions.

Provision of key documents and visualisations for cross-project efficiency

Trust in customised development and precise planning

We are particularly proud of the fact that well-known customers place their trust in our development expertise and sample production, especially when it comes to special constructions and pioneering projects. [Link zur Entwicklung] Our team brings innovative ideas and turns them into reality to create unique and customised solutions. As part of the factory and assembly planning, we create all the necessary documents and visualisations that are of central importance for the customer and the trades involved. We attach particular importance to thoroughness and care, especially in matters of detail. Our focus is on proactively addressing potential problems during the construction phase to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our comprehensive approach enables us not only to understand our customers’ visions and requirements, but also to realise them in a way that exceeds their expectations. We see each phase as an opportunity to combine innovation and precision and create a media technology system that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Block circuit diagram

We provide you with comprehensive visualisations of the cabling and connection of
the various devices, broken down by location or usage unit. Each individual device is
displayed with details of connections, size or manufacturer, each cable and each line is
displayed and cross-referenced. We use clear colour coding and numbering of
cables and devices to create a clear presentation that enables effective orientation in the cable and devices to create a clear presentation that enables effective orientation
in the cable and devices.


Our comprehensive planning documents contain various lists that provide you
with detailed insights into the planned realisation. This includes a device list that provides
comprehensive information on the planned hardware. You will also receive a cable list
that provides specific information on the cable pull through the electrical trade. Parts lists provide
detailed information about small parts and accessories that are required for individual assemblies.
These structured lists serve as useful reference points and facilitate the planning and
implementation of media technology systems.

Construction drawings

Our highly specialised engineers design customised components for each specific application
that comply with the known standards. When developing
customised constructions, we work closely with planning offices and test engineers,
right from the early planning phase. The result of these collaborative efforts is a comprehensive
3D visualisation as well as detailed design drawings and parts lists. Through this precise elaboration,
we not only guarantee operational safety, but also enable
efficient realisation of the planned media technology systems.