Welcome to tennagels Medientechnik, your specialist for large-format LED displays and media technology installations. Our goal is to enrich public spaces with innovative, lively and efficient solutions and to constantly break new ground in the fusion of real and virtual worlds. We are creative trailblazers who are masters at creating impressive productions according to our clients' individual ideas.

Innovative LED technology and creative media technology - the art of perfect staging

Customised overall concepts through comprehensive feasibility studies

Our work philosophy is to develop innovative overall concepts together with our customers. Every project begins with a thorough feasibility study that includes research, planning, design, prototyping and implementation. These studies are crucial for the development of special LED solutions and fixed media installations that are technologically advanced and enable harmonious integration into the architecture.

Adaptation to environmental conditions and specific requirements

A decisive aspect of our work is the customisation of our products to the specific conditions of the installation site. This includes not only factors such as solar radiation, direction of the sky and façade glazing, but also the consideration of public traffic, expected temperatures and the visibility of objects behind transparent screens. We carefully evaluate whether it is important to be able to see from the inside out or from the outside in, and adapt the content accordingly. This is crucial to ensure optimum visibility and interaction with the public without compromising the aesthetics or function of the building.

Research and development at the forefront of technology

As part of our research, we analyse current developments in LED technology and media technology. This includes the investigation of new materials, technologies and aesthetic design options. Our research focuses on translating findings into feasibility studies, not only increasing brightness and energy efficiency, but also introducing new shapes and materials. Flexible displays, transparent screens and interaction technologies are at the centre of our efforts.

Prototyping - the key to perfection

prototyping is a decisive step in our process. By building prototypes, we evaluate both the technical feasibility and possible adaptations for optimum integration into the architecture. We pay attention to details such as durability, temperature behaviour, colour fidelity and playback.

Summary: Technological innovations and architectural integration
To summarise, the development and creation of feasibility studies in the field of special LED solutions and fixed media technology installations is an iterative process. Our goal is to create pioneering solutions that merge the boundaries between technology and architecture in an innovative way. We stand for quality, innovation and reliability - from the initial consultation to installation and beyond.