Pioneering work in visualisation, interaction and technological implementation

Innovative media technology: from 3D simulation to system programming

Immerse yourself in the world of precise pre-visualisation - with our teams of experts and innovative technologies that transform your plans into immersive 3D simulations and VR experiences.

Experience your projects in 3D: from concept to virtual reality

With our experts and partners, we are able to provide comprehensive previsualisations of projects. Whether in a pure 3D visualisation or in a walk-through VR simulationwhich uses visuals, sounds and other methods to appeal to all the senses in an immersive way and presents the planned installation in its entirety. In this way, we make the solutions tangible right from the planning phase.

Customised use of technology - from vision to interaction

Innovative system and application development

We develop for you modern systems and applications with possible interfaces to existing structures. This can be a purely technical integration in the background, for controlling or analysing your data. With extensive experience in visualisation and interaction technologies, we can also bring the project to life and provide interactive, user-based experiences. Whether as an eye-catcher or functional interaction, this brings new dynamics to your communication. We are also happy to develop new, creative solutions together with you, customised to your wishes and requirements. We are your partner from the conception to the realisation of simple to highly complex, networked and multimodal worlds of experience.

Comprehensive feasibility analyses: from photometrics to mechanical and aesthetic integration

Evaluation of complex media systems

In a feasibility study, we support customers and planners with the evaluation of complex media systems. In addition to analysing the photometric properties with regard to the desired content, aspects such as mechanical resilience, aesthetic integration, heat managementease of service, etc. examined. This work is usually accompanied by a 1:1 sample construction, which gives the subsequent user a precise idea of the achievable result.

To the project

Not just developing - shaping, changing and moulding the future

Passionate technology pioneers

In a world permeated by technology, we are faced with constantly growing challenges. We are not technophobes – on the contrary. We love technology and see in it the potential to change the world. We are not deterred by almost unsolvable technical problems. On the contrary, they are an incentive and motivation for us.

Our mission? Finding the perfect solution for our customers. If a customer is satisfied with a 100% solution, then we deliver at least 110%. We are not only developers, but also problem solvers. We delve deep into the matter in order to recognise and eradicate the roots of problems. We are looking for technological solutions worldwide.

But what drives us? It is not just technical progress, but also the enthusiasm for the new, the unknown. We are pioneers who want to broaden horizons. Our work is more than just code and algorithms – it is a creative process that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

The media landscape is changing rapidly. New platforms, gadgets and systems are constantly emerging. But we know that it’s not just about the technology. Cultural and social factors play a decisive role. Evolution happens through the interplay of “variance” and “selection”. We observe trends, analyse flops and shape the future.

Our vision? A world in which technology is seen not just as a tool, but as part of our culture. A world in which media not only convey content, but also values and ideas. We are ready for this journey – are you?