State-of-the-art LED and LC display technology will make your visit informative, interactive and simply unforgettable

Experience Moviepark Germany in a new dimension of digital innovation

LED and LC displays revolutionize the visitor experience

Enter an era of digitalization

Moviepark Germany is taking a significant step towards digitalization with the installation of LED and LC displays. Immerse yourself in a world full of digital innovation and modern technology that takes the visitor experience at Moviepark Germany to a new level. The digital signage technology supplied ensures that the park’s guests can make their stay even more pleasant and informative.

Intuitive display of current waiting times via LED displays

Minimize waiting times with real-time information

The total of 12 LED displays supplied and installed by tennagels serve as a real-time display for visitors to the park, showing the current waiting times for the park’s major rides and attractions. With a width of 150cm and a height of 50cm each, the displays blend discreetly into the park’s surroundings without having a disruptive effect on the surrounding scenery. In addition, tennagels’ custom-built housings and bases are designed to match the color and design of the surroundings, so that they blend in perfectly with the park’s image. The pixel pitch of 3.9 mm, which is high by outdoor standards, ensures a razor-sharp display of waiting times. In addition, the screens can display QR codes based on the high resolution, which visitors to the park can use to access offers such as the “Speedy Pass” to shorten waiting times. The brightness of over 5,000 nits allows content to be shown clearly on the displays even in direct sunlight. An IP65 rating also guarantees reliability in all weather conditions. The connection to the park’s measurement technology for displaying waiting times is made via underground data lines.

LC displays provide detailed parking maps and offers

Find your way effortlessly through the Moviepark

In addition to the LED screens, our LC displays are also available to visitors to the park to provide detailed park maps. No more getting lost in the endless paths of the park – our displays show you the quickest way to your favorite attractions. But that’s not all! Stay up to date with the latest offers and events at Moviepark Germany, because our LC displays keep you informed at all times. Seven 55″ and one 75″ outdoor LCDs keep visitors informed. Both sizes have a native 4K resolution, so that the entire map of the park can be displayed in small sections without any problems. Actively heatable or coolable housings, which are also equipped with fans, make the displays resistant to all weather conditions. The heating or cooling is triggered by an automated control system that is programmed to match the built-in temperature sensors. In addition to the long-term preservation of the electronic components, this also ensures energy-efficient use of the heating and cooling technology. The brightness of the LCD panel of 2,500 nits ensures that the content displayed is always legible. A light sensor for measuring the ambient brightness of the LC displays automatically controls the display brightness of the panel so that the picture never appears too dark or too bright.